Phytotherapeutic Medicinal Laboratory

Basel Laboratory is a company with a strong professional pharmaceutical profile dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of natural extracts of plant and animal origin for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary, food, supplementation Dietary (functional foods), sports, animal nutrition and agrochemical.

The base of the elaboration of our products (raw materials, dietary supplements and phytotherapics) are elaborated by raw materials (flowers, seeds, leaves rhizomes, roots bulbs, etc.) of natural origin 100% Synthetic additives such as colorants, preservatives or perfumes.

We use raw materials with quality certification free of pesticides and the processing is carried out under strict hygienic-sanitary conditions, avoiding cross and / or external contamination, ensuring excellence in the quality of the final product.

We carry out research and apply technology in our 100% natural extracts for the different industries in the production of dry extracts (powders, spheres and microspheres), aqueous extracts, fluids, oily, glycolic, pastes, alcoholates, oleoresins, mother tinctures, alcoholic drinks under GMP standards.